Virtualization Services

Arshin AzarMehr Company experts are able to meet and resolve customer needs with years of experience and knowledge and keep pace with the growth of Virtualization in the world, and in order to increase efficiency in usage of hardware resources and reduce the economic costs of companies and institutions in this area. Virtualization technology Causes growth and development in the computer knowledge. The implementation of hardware devices as a virtual form but with the same performance brings us many benefits.

Virtualization is a technology with the ability to run two or more operating systems on a server in order to increase the efficiency of the hardware and software costs and usage of all resources in the system. Reduction costs, increase hardware utilization efficiency and easier management of network servers are the purposes that leads managers and network professionals to put various services on a powerful hardware.

In this new strategy, the goal is to put various services on a centralized hardware and with a lower cost that provided easier management, less cost, easier maintenance and backup processes and higher availability and reliability.

Virtualization technology services of Arshin Azarmehr Company provides:

  • Server virtualization
  • Resources Virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Software Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • I/O Virtualization
The advantages of virtualization knowledge usages:

  • Accelerate the implementation of various services and create of new services quickly to increase business organization.
  • Backup and restore the servers at least possible time (Disaster Recovery and Backup)
  • Integration of services in one or more servers and create a centralized management with high security
  • Create test and development environments without interrupting systems with minimal risk
  • Efficient use of organization hardware resources and increase productivity
  • Efficient management of servers and reducing administrative costs
  • Space saving of the server's placement
  • Integration of hardware resources organizations
  • High security level of virtual machines