Voice Over IP "VOIP"

Group Arshin proud to offer Voip services using the latest equipment brands in the world's most prominent and the most economical prices to its customers.The revolution in communications and network communications technology to transfer calls between different parts of the world.

VoIP technology or network platform playground protocol (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone calls using the Internet to provide.

VoIP & Virtualization or department (central network and virtualization) Arshin Azar Mehr technology company to expand VoIP technology and aims to provide advice in this area has been installed.

In addition to the design and implementation of VoIP networks and Wireless, the other activities of the group and the installation of specialized servers, the implementation of LAN and WAN, consulting, design, implementation and support of computer networks, and the design and implementation of video conferencing network and CCTV cameras in the network.

The main features of this technology include these include:

  • Implementation of an integrated network with the integration of the telephone network in computer network
  • Consumer investment in the creation of two separate networks
  • Linking scattered locations inside and outside the country
  • To hear conversations from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited domestic
  • Digital multi-layered accountability system clerk
  • The possibility of video calls with phones equipped with cameras
  • Fax Server to receive faxes and send it to your email
  • Statistical reports and time and call duration of all calls made