Azarban System


Azarban system of Arshin Azarmehr Company is the first and the only system to prevent small and hidden theft of gold, jewel and precious watches in the Middle East. One of the essential concerns of jewelry and Luxury goods storeowners is tracking existing goods in showcase to prevent small and hidden theft, especially on shop assistants negligence.

Based on a research in Britain on 54000 stores and distributers about small thefts that happened, warning and painful results received.

According on this research, jewelry being in 9th rank in table of hidden thefts. Small theft from small stores is a little more than big stores and about 97% of these small thefts not recognized when they are happening.


Security of jewel during display for customers and surveillance on shop assistants and customers has not completely supported by existing systems.

Security systems like strongbox, showcase with anti-theft lock, alarm systems, CCTV, showcase with bulletproof glass can't prevent theft completely, also these ways have many disadvantages such as hidden theft, need to put and pick jewelry, the possibility of stolen goods while transiting and wasting time.

As the result, using a modern security and management system with high technology and ability of online control for existing goods in showcase and warehousing has needed.

Arshin Azarmehr Company with the help of its experts is able to design and localization Azarban security and management system using RFID technology over the past three years. Azarban system is the security and management system using RFID in UHF frequency band in Iran and has exclusive abilities in the world. Technical characteristics has explained in detail in services section on Arshin Azarmehr company website.