Brand Protection

Arshin Azarmehr company proud to offer to customers a new generation of intelligent non-counterfeiting holograms for storing and exclusively tracking of goods ensuring authenticity of each item of goods. Commercially available holograms are a three-dimensional image object that produced with laser technology as a security label. These holograms have unique visual effects from logo graphics in various three-dimensional layers. Hologram is able to show different images separately at various angle. Some disadvantages of three-dimensional holograms are the potential to forge, and they will separate each category, not each product. RFID tags are the new generation of security holograms.

Microchip in the RFID tags have a unique code for each tag that is impossible to forge and gives to buyer and seller an exclusive ability to track product. In addition, the tag internal memory allows seller to record labels and product features. The price of RFID tags has fallen significantly in recent years, as the result these solution can be one of the best options for securing packages. Arshin Azarmehr company is service provider for Brand Protecting and Smart RFID Tag in frequencies like Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF).